How Different Animals Eat

A truly hilarious video which very accurately (or maybe not?) illustrates how a bunch of different animals eat their food. They will illustrate the eating process of a cow, a alligator, kangaroo and much more.

To be perfectly honest with you the video is hilarious but if you think about it they are actually pretty spot on with the animal eating interpretations which brings me to the conclusion: Animals are weird (or are we the weird ones?). I know this is not a fail video but it is a hilarious video and deserves everybit of attention that it can get. I want to give some credit to my friend Daan van der Berg who sent it to me. Thanks buddy!


What Not to do In Front of a Cop

This man over here didn’t like having his car blocked after leaving it badly parked. He then naturally decided to cut the device right in front of the police. What this man did is simply not right, not without wearing his safety equipment.

Watch Out for the Golf Ball

This is probably one of the few moments when a game of golf can get violent. Judging by the noises the cameraman makes after being hit by the golf ball I can safely guess that it landed straight between the balls Mother Nature gave him. Oh, sweet irony! If that was me, the first thing I would do is to repay the favor to the guy that hit me and is now doing his victory lap.

British Policeman Entertains Crowd

This video was shot somewhere in England where, apparently, the public who was waiting for the passing of the Olympic torch. Now I ask you,what better to ease the wait than a policeman who shows off his dance moves? That my friends is one cool cop. Not sure how his boss took it though…

Why You Should Lose Weight

Having a big belly brings a variety of serious problems that you really don’t want to hear about, however, some of them can be very painful, such as this one. If this isn’t a hint for that guy to lose weight, I don’t know what is. P.S. Am I the only one here that sees a problem with shooting a golf ball from someone’s mouth? Just sayin’…

Jumping Over a Golf Cart. Don’t try this at home kids!

Golf has never been this exciting! This is one of those amazing jumps that end in an amazing way: with your pants down in a yoga position. I like how the driver of that cart just stares at the guy’s ass without sketching any sign of caring, helping, you know, what people usually do when someone gets stuck while trying to jump over a golf cart.

Vagina Blaster

There are no words to describe the epicness of this video. I want to find out who’s the guy behind this “equipment” and give him an award. I like that all the people participating in this spot are genuinely practicing, no giggles, no smiles; either they honestly don’t realize the irony of it, or I’m the one with a dirty mind. All in all, there is no doubt that this is an interesting machine, I’ll give you that much.